Vehicle Specification

We can brand the vehicles in eco 3M vinyl wrapping, with a gloss or matt finish to best advertise your brand.

We can specify the range based upon how far you need to go each day. Our 60Ah batteries give a maximum of 40 miles / 65 kilometers of range. These can be paired up with our secondary battery holder, to carry two batteries at a time. The batteries are ‘swappable’ meaning you can easily slide them into the battery holders to replace and charge.

Our batteries charge in 6-7 hours with a standard 13A wall plug.

We adhere to law EN15194- the EU ebike safety standard. This involves our speed being limited to 15.5 mph / 25 kmph and our motor being limited to 250W.

The vehicle is electric assisted and so is designed to be able to ride for a long day without the rider getting tired. The pedals engage the motor so the effort levels are low, while still getting a bit of exercise.


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