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EAV announces next phase of crowdfunding, in partnership with Seedrs

Industry leaders in the eCargo space EAV, who’s clients include leading blue-chip delivery companies, are raising £7.5 million to fun the pioneer’s next level of business expansion.   

The electric eCargo bike company has already gone from strength to strength since the company’s launch in 2018 – and even thrived despite recent hardships including the global pandemic lockdowns.

Partnering with Seedrs, who aim to make crowdfunding easy and efficient, the public is now able to support EAV and become part of the business as it grows.

The leading eCargo bike company plans to raise a minimum of £750,000 from Seedrs, with the balance coming from current shareholders, institutional investors, family offices and other high net worth investors.

From as little as £20, individual investors can now become part of EAV’s family, which started out as just 3 and is now over 60 team members strong. Investment will support the company as it tackles emissions in our cities – which are already deemed a major medical threat to city dwellers and beyond – and inspire leading companies in all industries to make the swap from diesel vans to emissions-free EAVs.

This latest crowdfunding comes at a time when climate change is even more important, following COP27 and a recent IEA report that highlighted that the transport sector (which contributed 406.00 KtC02 in 2020-1) is the leading greenhouse gas sector, producing three times more emissions than the industrial sector.

“Seedrs were a part of our journey when we first established EAV, so it seemed fitting that we would use them to support the next phase in our journey.” said Adam Barmby, Founder and CEO of EAV. “More than that, we really believe in EAV, our products, vision and our team, and we believe others will too; so we’re giving them a unique opportunity to be a part of something truly special – something that will continue to change the urban transport environment and tackle climate change head on”.

To be a part of EAV’s journey, please visit https://www.seedrs.com/eav4/

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